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Experienced Dentists in Overland Park KS

All treatment planning will keep these basic goals in mind, while providing appropriate restoration of function, providing comfort, and maximizing the esthetic result. Premium materials, handled by skilled individuals utilizing appropriate applications, are used to ensure you are provided a healthy, enduring outcome. Dr. David Mitchell DDS is a reliable dental clinic located in Overland Park, KS. We are a group of very experienced dentists who are waiting to help you!

We aim to:

  • Offer you and your family the best clinical standards using the most modern techniques, materials, and equipment.
  • Ensure we are friendly and efficient in providing exceptional personal care on an individual basis particularly for our nervous patients.
  • Provide preventive control for both dental decay and gum disease through regular check-ups and oral hygiene analysis and advice.
  • Offer adults and children oral health education to maintain a top level of motivation and to prevent dental trouble for their future dental health.
  • We are a highly trusted and long established dental practice in Overland Park providing excellent dental care in a relaxed and friendly manner.

While cosmetic appearance is becoming increasingly important in our society, our constant goal is the promotion, maintenance and restoration of your dental health. We offer all aspects of routine dental care including cosmetic dentistry, tooth whitening and orthodontics.


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