Dental Cancer Screenings

Do you want to be on the safe side and have your mouth examined for oral cancer? If you do, Dr. David Mitchell DDS is a proven dental clinic in the territory of Overland Park, KS, that provides high quality dental care for you and your family. We offer dental cancer screenings to our customers who want to be examined for signs of oral cancer. If you are experiencing signs and symptoms that have been bothering you for more than two weeks, turn to our professional dentists to investigate your case. What you can think is cancer may just be a simple infection.

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We will perform an examination of your mouth to determine the possibility of cancer. The goal of this screening is to identify the cancer in its early state and thus increase the chance of a cure. Dental Cancer ScreeningsHowever, dental cancer screenings can only slow the symptoms of cancer. A simple infection can sometimes exhibit the same symptoms as a cancerous tumor. We know that and that is why if any symptoms are present we will perform a biopsy procedure to be certain.

As experts in family dentistry, we advise you to regularly perform an oral examination and screening in order to monitor the health of your mouth for abnormal sores and infections. Although an oral exam cannot determine for sure which sores are cancerous, it can lead to further testing that will point out the exact cause of the abnormality. That way you will know the level of your oral health and how to improve it.

Besides dental cancer screenings, our clinic offers all other kinds of dental care. That includes treating children, grownups, providing cosmetic and lumineers dentistry and more. We welcome you to our hospitable environment where we provide painless and effective dental care.

Dr. David Mitchell DDS is experienced in family dentistry and has been providing professional dental care in the region of Overland Park, KS, since 1967.

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