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When Should Call Us for an Emergency Dental Service in Overland Park, KS

Every now and then, you find yourself getting into a dental emergency and needing an emergency dental service. Emergencies tend to happen and it’s a good thing that if you are in Overland Park, KS, you can get one here at Dr. David Mitchell DDS. If you accidentally knocked out a tooth or you experience oral trauma, you can come into our clinic and take advantage of our emergency dental services. We want to ensure that your oral is in good shape at all times especially during an emergency. You can definitely book an emergency session with us if you experience any of the following:


You Get a Tooth Knocked Out

Getting a tooth knocked out is considered an emergency because it can cause a lot of bleeding in your mouth. If you experience this, time is of the essence and it is necessary that you get in touch with your dentist right away. Call within an hour and we will be able to put it back as soon as possible.


You Have Displaced Teeth

Teeth can get displaced due to injuries from sports or an accident. Displacing a tooth can affect the way you bite and it can be very uncomfortable. If you address this as soon as possible, we may be able to move your tooth back to its proper position soon.


Chipped or Broken Teeth

Getting your tooth chipped or cracked might not be really considered as an emergency. However, if it is causing you any pain or any discomfort, getting help from us will be a good idea. If you leave it untreated, this can further damage your tooth and may cause intense pain.



When you see that you have an infection in your teeth or your gums, you want to make sure that you call us right away and address this as soon as possible to lessen any swelling if there is any or prevent swelling from happening.

Dr. David Mitchell DDS can render you with an emergency dental service should you experience any of these emergencies. For clients in Overland Park, KS, call us at (913) 383-2343.


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