What You Can Expect from an Emergency Dental Service

Normally, an emergency dental service will only deal with situations that include intense pain and damage. Urgent situations can range from extreme tooth decay, abscessed or infected teeth, or a tooth which has been shattered. Sometimes, an emergency dentist performs extractions or, should a tooth be salvageable, fill the cavity. These dentists may treat painful gums also which are swollen because of infection or disease. Whether a dentist will prescribe or provide medication, like pain medicine or antibiotics, will greatly depend on each patient’s situation and the dentist’s policy.

Some dental emergencies can be much more complicated than a simple filling or extraction. For instance, the emergency dentist may have to do an emergency root canal. And when any pain is involved, they could replace a crown which has fell out. Similarly, when a tooth gets cracked, but not shattered or falling out, the emergency dentist will stabilize it until the person’s regular dentist is able to repair it. People that lose teeth because of accidents or other such injuries can go to an emergency dentist for re-implantation.

Because of the nature of their work, an emergency dentist will usually provide around-the-clock services, which means their office is open all day. So, should a person wake up in the wee hours of the morning with severe toothache, they can look for an emergency dental service immediately, instead of waiting until business hours to make an appointment.

Sadly, these dentists are not in every area, and can normally only be found in big cities. While smaller and more rural areas only have dentists that work normal business hours. For some people, this could mean driving an hour or so in order to find an emergency dentist.


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