Professional Teeth Whitening Tips from Our Family Dentistry

Aging, as well as certain types of drinks and foods lead to teeth staining which can be quite irritating for people who love to smile. If you want to bring back the brightness of your smile, you better visit a dental specialist from your family dentistry and ask about various teeth whitening options.

Your dentist can help you undo stains and recommend you a maintenance program and diet to keep them white. Visit your dentist before attempting any whitening treatments, as home experiments without a consultation may be extremely harmful for your teeth. Make sure you speak with a professional before purchasing any of the products various companies advertise on TV.

Here is what Dr. David Mitchell DDS , of Overland Park, KS, recommends you do when you are in need of dark teeth stain removal:

1) If you have any cavities, get them fixed before you use teeth whiteners.

2) Check whether your gums are in a good shape before making a decision to go through a whitening procedure. If they are inflamed, you should postpone the whitening for a few weeks.

3) In-office whitening treatment is the best variant for those of you who need to whiten their teeth urgently, before a special event like a prom or wedding, for instance. This method may be the most expensive whitening treatment, but is also the fastest, as dentists use fast-acting hydrogen peroxide to get immediate results. For one visit the peroxide can remain on your teeth for 15 to 20 minute intervals in the course of one hour, but sometimes you may need a secondary treatment with the whitening agent, when stains turn out to be quite stubborn.

4) For optimal and long-lasting results the dentist from your family dentistry can create a customized tray for you to use at home. A customized tray will ensure maximum contact between your teeth and the whitening gel and will also minimize the contact between the gel and your gums.

5) Food and beverage – We recommend that you use a straw when drinking stain-causing beverages, such as wine, tea, coffee, soda, or juice. Brush your teeth at least twice a day in order to remove surface stains left from the food that you have consumed before they become embedded in your enamel.

To learn more about the cheapest and most convenient teeth whitening solutions you can contact our office now! We are ready to make you proud of you smile!


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